Corn silk

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• Corn Silk (Zea mays)

• Properties: Diuretic, lithotriptic,demulcent

• What it affects: Kidneys, bladder and prostate.

• Preparation and amount for tincture and fluid extract:
Tincture: Take 5-20 drops 3 times daily.
Fluid extract: Take1/4 – ½ tsp 3 times per day.

• Purposes: CornSilk is the best single herb for increasing urine flow, thus helping to eliminate kidney and bladder problems.

• Internally the tea is used for bed-wetting , chronic cystitis, inflammation of kidneys and bladder, kidney stones, prostatitis, excess uric acid, and urine retention.

• It is good remedy for all inflammatory conditions of the urethra, bladder, prostate and kidney, it can remove gravel from the kidneys, bladder and prostate.

• It helps the aged when their urine is scanty and has heavy sediment.Use it with other kidney herbs, when the urinary tract needs to be opened upor when there is mucos in the urine.

• It lessens the frequency of bed-wetting, when taken several hours before bedtime. It is good for dropsy and edema, when a weak heart is the cause.It is used for carpal tunnel syndrome and prostate disorders.

• Other diuretics: Uva Ursi, Dandelion, Watermelon, Watermelon Seeds.

• How to prepare tea: pull off the silk from mature corn cobs when you remove the husks after picking the corn. Use only corn silk from plants that have not been sprayed with any pesticides.

• The silk can be used fresh or dried to make tea, but if you have more than a couple of corn cobs from the garden, you can dry it for later use.

• Lay the silk on a paper towel on a plate and put the plate in the sun to dry the fresh, soft fibers. When it has dried thoroughly, you can store it in an air-tight container.

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