Natural treatment for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is very common condition today in the western society and this natural treatment for osteoporosis, is far more effective than other treatments, because of its cause which is very close to the lifestyle principles.

• Almost every mature adult and elderly person in the western world today is concerned about osteoporosis.

• What is the reason? Popular health magazines have headlines on the prevention of osteoporosis; advertising of calcium supplements and dairy products are increasing, but osteoporosis is still becoming more frequent.

• This issue is on hot debate. However, there are some unequivocal facts that should be considered.

• First of all,

What are the factors contributing to osteoporosis?

The WHO study group mentions several main factors involved in calcium metabolism:

• lack of estrogen
• immobility
• smoking
• alcohol
• calcium intake

• And they explain that “it is by no means certain that calcium intake is the key feature determining bone density and bone loss in adult life. High-protein and high-salt diets are known to increase bone loss.” (Diet, Nutrition, and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases, WHO, 1990, p. 82)

• Lack of exercise is one of the important risk factors and is being stressed more and more.

But have you ever heard that smoking and alcohol promote osteoporosis? This fact is taboo. What about high-protein diets?

• Linkswiler did an experiment on calcium balance comparing 3 groups of people. They all consumed 1400mg of calcium per day. But their protein intake was different.

• The group that received only 48 g of protein/day showed a positive calcium balance whereas the groups receiving more protein showed calcium loss proportional to their protein intake. (Linkswiler HM,Protein-induced hypercalciuria, Fed Proc 1981 Jul; 40 (9): 2429-2433)

• A high protein intake also increases the riskof kidney stones.

“The paradox (that hip fracture rates are higher in developed countries where calcium intake is higher than in developing countries where calcium intake is lower) clearly calls for anexplanation. To date, the accumulated data indicate that the adverse effect of protein, in particular animal (but not vegetable) protein, might outweigh the positive effect of calciumintake on calcium balance.” (Diet, Nutrition, and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases, WHO,2003, p. 131)

• Another important role of sunshine is the production of vitamin D in the skin and its ulterior transformation into active 1,25 D in the kidneys. Lack of sunshine is an important factor in the incidence of several autoimmune diseases. In the northern hemisphere, communities that are farther north tend to have more type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, vitiligo, in addition to other diseases.
(T. C. Campbell, The China Study, 2004, p. 362-368)

• Osteoporosis is caused by a number of things, one of the most important things being too much dietary protein! American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1974; 27 (9): 916-925. Journal of Nutrition 1981; 111 (3): 545-552; 553-562. Science 1986; 233 (4763): 519-520

• Dietary protein increases production of acid (in the blood) which can be neutralized by calcium mobilized from skeleton. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1995; 61 (4):909

Natural treatment for osteoporosis Tips:

• You need to have diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits. (Part of your diet should be a day for at least 1 / 2 kg of vegetables and 1 / 2 kg of fruits.) Bone metabolism also helps to have enough vitamin C.

• Use sea salt instead of standard table salt (almost pure NaCl). Sea salt contains the entire complex mineral compounds (among others sodium fluoride). High doses of fluorine are toxic, but for prevention of the osteoporosis it is necessary.

• Diets high in phosphorus (meat, soft drinks, fish), are leading to calcium loss in the body. It is therefore necessary that the food rich in phosphorus in limited.141

• Do not overeat.

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