Sleep problems

- How common are sleep problems?

• Answer: Fatigue is a major problem worldwide. Studies from the U.S. and abroad suggest that in Western nations millions of people have significant problems with fatigue.

• In the U.S. it is one of the 10 most common reasons for visiting a physician. A significant portion of those troubled by fatigue cannot fall asleep when they go to bed.

• Recent U.S. data indicates that 3.3 million patients each year visit their doctors for insomnia alone.

• Sleep problems are common to older individuals. 34 percent of Americans over 65 have problems with insomnia.

• But, sleep problems are common even in young adults aged 17 to 30.

• Study: Researchers surveyed about 3000 individuals regarding problems with sleep, such as: difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently, “disrupted sleep,” napping during the day, nightmares, and waking up too early or waking up tired.

• Only 36 percent responded that they were free of all of these indicators.
Coren, S. The prevalence of self-reported sleep disturbances in young adults. Int J Neurosci 1994 Nov;79(1-2):67-73.

• Study: German study found that 12 percent of 4-5 year old children had difficulties falling asleep.

Wolke D, Meyer R, et al. Incidence and persistence of problems at sleep onset and sleep continuation in the preschool period: results of a prospective study of a representative sample in Bavaria. Prax Kinderpsychol Kinderpsychiatr 1994 Nov;43(9):331-339.

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