Vegan diet and cardiovascular system

- Is there benefit of using vegan diet for the cardiovascular system?
• Answer: Benefits upon the cardiovascular system from the vegan diet are:
- Zero cholesterol;

- Lower in total fat, and saturated fat which can increase cholesterol ;

- High in phytosterols that block cholesterol absorption;

- High in potassium (protects from high blood pressure & onset of kidneys disease);

- High in arginine, an amino acid that makes nitric oxide.

In moderation, nitric oxide helps the blood vessels to open up.

- High in soluble fiber which helps
1. lowers high cholesterol
2. stabilizes blood sugar
3. Provide ample antioxidants
4. Promotes weight control.

-Poorly planned vegetarian diets typically lack iron, zinc, calcium vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

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